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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beautiful creatures...Florida Flamingos

SusanGail among beautiful Florida flamingos February 2010
We are not creatures of circumstance;
we are creators of circumstance.
~ Benjamin Disraeli

Saturday, January 15, 2011

 Thoughts of blissful beauty of summer breezes bring blessings to my heart, hearth, home. Bountiful gardens and sparkling clear fountains revive me. In the midst of winter, the artistry of mind paints visions of healing hospitality of spirit. I raise my glass in salutation to those gathered around the table. To love and health: Cheers! ~ ATB

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Angel Whispers

Quirky Angel
By Susan Parcheta

Have you ever lost anything that you loved sentimentally, and that you thought you’d never get back, but you did? 

Have you ever loved anyone, and lost them, and they don’t come back, except in spirit?

The first week of January each year I think of Angel Whispers, and I’m reminded of the column I wrote the winter of 2005 for our local paper, Fowlerville News & Views. I was moved by the response to it at the time. I share it again here:
Soft as the whisper of angels, the New Year settled in gently this January…unlike last year when my elderly parents were in and out of hospitals…once even at the same time…and my father succumbed to cancer in a valiant fight at year’s end. 

He was buried on Jan. 6…Epiphany…a year ago, on a bitter winter day. Fittingly, the cemetery’s name is North Star.