ATB Bistro 333

A place where visions and dreams meet, as inspired by the creative spirit within.
A place where the quest for beautiful possibilities in life may be explored, pondered and shared.
Welcome to the All Things Beautiful round table at Bistro 333.
Draw up a chair, relax awhile.
Enjoy the friendship and a cup of hospitality.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

 Seeking the resonance of beauty and speaking my truth, I open my heart to All Things Beautiful. The message is on stage, ramping up to new velocity. No more rehearsal. When the timing is right, the curtain will open, the scene will unfold, the story will be told. The script is ready; the actors are on cue; the director waits eagerly in the wings to marvel at this new creation. For, an idea whose time has come has no place to go but out into the world. - ATB

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